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-Mattia, Italy

I chose ChineseVie School because the price was reasonable and you offer private classes with a teacher coming to my home. I've been studying with Hao Laoshi for over a year, and er educational background and as well as her experience as a language teacher make her classes a fun and interesting learning experience! I feel as if I'm just having a nice and casual conversation with her - but she's actually introducing new words and grammatical structures. She even manages to make the study of Chinese character fun and easy!
Highly recommended!
Kind regards,
-Kerstin, Germany.

Since coming here, 2 months ago, my level of comfort using, listening and writing Mandarin has grown dramatically! Couldn't be happier from the experience thos far, I would endorse it to all my friends and anyone really wanting to improve all aspects of their Mandarin.
-Dom Scott, South Africa.

-Cecilia Penna, Italy.
-Davy, France.
-Chow Leighton, USA.


-??, Thailand.
(wo zài zhèr xué xí zhen de huì ràng wo de hàn yu shui píng tí gao de fei cháng kuài,shì yin wéi zhè li de lao shi dou you feng fù de zhi shí,ér qie zhè li de huán jìng ye fei cháng hao, wo zhen de hen kai xin)

I am very pleased with my Chinese class, level 1 at ChineseVie School. In a joyful way I’ve learned tremendously more Chinese then I ever expected! Yishan is a great teacher! If I ever return to Shanghai,
I’ll definitely be back!
-Charlotte, Sweden.

Today is my last lesson in ChineseVie. I’ve been here for 3 weeks to do a summer course mandarin. I’ve learned a lot! What I like is that ChineseVie is able to suit your need and wants regarding teaching hours.
The instructions were clear for me, and especially my pronunciation and vocabulary improved quite a lot.
-Elmer Iwols, Netherland.

My name is Elisabeth Epstein and I’ve been teaching English in Shanghai since February of 2010. Before coming to ChineseVie, I had no prior Mandarin classroom experience and I am happy to say that after only four months, I am able to have conversations in Mandarin with taxi drivers, merchants, my students, and anyone else that comes my way. The lessons at ChineseVie were fantastic. Laoshi is an amazing teacher and helps you to understand Chinese grammar, pronunciation, and if you so choose, characters. ChineseVie also offers free cultural classes such as calligraphy and dumpling making. I found that writing Chinese characters in calligraphy was not as easy as it looks. I would recommend ChineseVie to anyone looking to take Chinese lessons.
"wo xi huan zhong wén! wo xi huan zài ChineseVie xué xí!"
-Elisabeth Epstein, American.

Hao Laoshi is one of the best Chinese teachers. I've ever had. Her classes are fun and interesting. She often incorporates a great deal of Chinese culture into her lessons. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning Chinese.  
-Lenore Costello, American.

My lessons with ChineseVie were fun, friendly, and really helped to improve my confidence with this often daunting language! I came to China knowing very little Mandarin---now I feel much more comfortable living here knowing that I can express myself…and even read some characters!
-Rachel, UK, 22 years old.

Jane is one of the best one-on-one advanced Chinese language instructors that I have encountered during my 2 years of continuous studying China. Her professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the language and its history made me look forward to each class with her over the past year. She has a strong grasp of how foreign students learn Chinese, finding appropriate ways to help me learn, explain complex grammar and cultural subtleties in definitions. I would highly recommend her to students of
any level!
-Elaine, Canadian.

Vielen Dank an Hao Laoshi, die es versteht durch konsequentes Chinesisch-Sprechen im Unterrichtund viele H?r-Verstehens-übungen, für das zu sorgen was man im chinesischen Alltag braucht: Verstehen und verstanden werden!
-Arne, Frankfurt.

During my three years in Shanghai working for an American Consulting firm, I took several Mandarin courses from Ms Hao, from basic Mandarin through intermediate Mandarin. I was required to travel extensively and work many extra hours per week, consequently I am certain I was a difficult student! My goals for taking these courses were 1. Learn more of Chinese Culture 2. Converse with my Chinese Clients and Colleagues and 3. Become comfortable traveling alone in more remote areas of China. Ms Hao is an excellent teacher who helped me achieve all of my personal goals. She was able to use the classroom material as a base, but customize the lessons to meet my situation. She has extreme patience,spending extra time to help me overcome my Mandarin obstacles with a blend of understanding and discipline. If I have the opportunity to work again in Shanghai, I would certainly start lessons again with Ms Hao.  
-Paul Hallyburton, USA.

Thank you for the very pleasant and intense introduction to Mandarin. You made the class very pleasant and interesting, and made us want to do the homework!
-Krish, USA.




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