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This Course is designed for people who only travel in Shanghai in 1 or 2 weeks or who are busy with their work but would to learn Chinese during their breaks.
You will learn:
1. Pronunciations, spell a word following the rules of pinyin
2. How to do introduction and greet other people
3. How to ask for price and buy things in a shop
4. How to order dishes or drinks in a restaurant
5. How to ask the way
6. How to make an appointment
7. How to express likes and dislikes in a simple way
8. How to describe things, places and people
Levels: for total beginners

Class Size: 1 to 1
1 to 2 (each student only pays 65-80% tuition)

Course Length: 5-15 days

Starting Date:
at any time

Schedule: depends on yours, 2-6 lessons/day

Transportation Fee: Extra transportation fee may be charged, if the course is held outside the school. If the location is more than 10-minute-walk away from the subway station, extra
transportation fee will be charged.

Registration Fee: CNY 100

1. One lesson is 45 minutes. Students are required to have 2 lessons each time.
2. Material fee is free.
3. Extra CNY10 per lesson will be charged, if the course is held beyond our opening hours.




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