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These classes give valuable exam preparation, aim to improve students’ reading and listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, writing and speaking skills for HSK, make students equipped with examination techniques by constant practice.
Our preparation courses are a popular option for students willing to sit internationally-recognized examinations, either to support their academic goals or simply to expand their knowledge of Chinese.

Course Contents:
1. Listening Comprehension
Summarize 16 types of questions in the test and practice how to gain correct information about time, location, identity, and attitude, etc.
2. Reading
Focus on reading techniques, such as how to find key words, how to use words with similar meanings, analyze synonym, how to deduce the correct answer, important practical impressions & idioms as well.
3. Writing (HSK 3-6)
Practise basic Chinese characters; focus on the skills of constructing sentences; develop the rewriting skills.

Levels: from HSK 1 to HSK 6

Class Size:  1 to 1
1 to 2 (each student only pays 65-80% tuition)

Schedule: depends on your schedule

Location: at ChineseVie School or outside school

Study Materials: depends on your level

-Registration fee is CNY 100.
-One lesson is 45 minutes. Students are required to have 2 lessons each time.
-Study materials: get from school when you register.
-Instructor: 8-year experience in HSK preparation course.




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