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Introduction of Courses
ChineseVie School offers a wide range of Chinese course, also defined as Chinese Courses which include general group classes, intensive classes, private classes, business courses, HSK preparation, holiday classes and free classes.

Among all the above, general group class is the first for most of the students in ChineseVie school, for the reason that it is a type of class which starts from the beginner level and learn from the basic Chinese pinyin and characters to intermediate or advanced level, after the course, students will not only find the course content quite practical and useful to their daily life in China, but also benefit from their Chinese learning.

Generally speaking, for students who want to take essay writing class, Business Chinese class or HSK class, a certain amount of Chinese vocabulary and grammar is inevitably required.

Apart from the course content, different types of classes are also vital to your Chinese studying.
Basically we run group class and one on one private class, beginner group class starts every month due to different time table. Group class is good for your interactive skill in which you communicate with both the teacher and classmates. One on one private class is more efficient but great attention and concentration is needed, it’s often chosen by students who have special requirements or want to learn Business Chinese, Writing Chinese or HSK training.

We also provide short-term intensive chinese class during the holidays or any other time it is required. These Chinese courses are designed for students who only travel in China for a short period or who are so busy with their work and want to take class during their holiday.

Every week we provide one-hour free oral Chinese class for students from all levels.

If you are not in China or really can’t find a time to enroll in any types of the courses, but still want to learn Chinese, you can choose our Self-study Chinese classroom!




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