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• Flexible schedule and class length for private class.
• Reasonable and affordable prices even for the students who want to come to Shanghai for long courses.
• All year round classes from total Beginner to Advanced.
• Free daily word sent to you by email and released at our website every workday.
• Free cultural activities every two weeks.
• Numerous learning resources are designed to make your study more efficient and more convenient.
• Free pocket book for beginners to survive daily life in China.

What is ChineseVie School teaching method?
Speaking first:
We use a very practical method of Chinese teaching. Student’s speaking will occupy more than 60% of the class time, and the teacher's lectures will occupy less than 40% of the time. We will give you the best opportunity to practice and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
• We use standard, up-to-date course books, grammar exercises and CDs.
• We do dictations, pronunciation drills and memory games.
• We focus on communication skills:speaking and listening. A lot of time is spent improving students'use of vocabulary and phrasal verbs.




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