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Daily Word
ChineseVie School will send the "Daily Word" to our registered students by email every workday. We will release one useful Chinese word on our website every workday. We will reserve the "daily word" for one week. For more daily words, please visit the website after registration.  If you are interested in the "Daily word", please subscribe with us and get free "daily word" of ChineseVie School.

Free pocket book for beginners to survive daily life in China. 
1. Number  
2. Greetings  
3. Introduction 
4. Thanks
5. Apology 
6. Goodbye
7. Restaurant
8. Shopping
9. Outing
10. Accommodation
11. Call
12. Finance
13. At post office
14. See a doctor
15. Have a haircut
16. Inquiry 
Please feel free to apply: send mail to chinesevie@chinesevie.com

Cultural activities
In addition to our course, ChineseVie will organize various cultural activities: Calligraphy, Mahjong, Chinese painting, dumpling making, Chinese chess, etc.
1. All the activities are designed for non-native Chinese speakers at ChineseVie School.
2. All the activities are free for the students who have already registered course at our school. If you are not our student,120rmb/person will be charged for each time.
3. Please send email 2 days in advance to make a reservation.




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